FIBERME Analog FXO Gateway FAG4104

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FIBERME Analog FXO Gateway

FAG4104    |    FAG4108

Voice over Internet Protocol: Supports SIP per RFC 3261. Uses Real-time Transport Protocol/Real-Time Control Protocol (RTP/RTCP) for delivery of voice over the  LAN

Enhanced voice processing: Supports a variety of compression algorithms, including G.711 A-law and μ- law, G.729AB

T.38 Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP): Transcode fax from T.30 fax protocol(supporting V.17) to T.38 for transmission over a packet network

Hot swap: Allows gateway  units  to be

added or removed without affecting other gateway units

Functional Description

Web server interface: Each gateway unit is delivered with a web server interface, allowing configuration and software upgrades via a web browser

Designed for voicemail and unified messaging applications, FAG analog Gateways have a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connection for connecting legacy PBX to a LAN. The analog loop start functionality  supports integration via in-band signaling (DTMF or FSK) or serial protocols. The FAG Gateways provide a simple, cost-effective transition to voice and data convergence for enterprises with PBXs. Connected externally, they offer an IP solution that works with current legacy equipment. They support SIP-based applications as well as

  • for fax transmissions over IP (FoIP).


Call Routing


The FAG Gateways can be used to connect IP telephones to a legacy PBX, integrate network-hosted applications with the PBX, extend the PBX to branch offices, and integrate various voice and call processing capabilities in an enterprise LAN or WAN  environment.  Using exclusive PBX network interfaces, the FAG  Gateway appliances provide exceptional IP to PBX integration capabilities to protect an investment in legacy telecom  equipment.

The SMG1000 Gateways route calls from the switched network to a VoIP destination on the IP network. conversely, it routes calls from the IP network through a switch port to a destination telephone number on the switched network. The SMG1000 Gateways support the following call routing options:

Key Functions

  • Compatible with general FXO/FXS lines, and a variety of popular PBX manufacturers(Digital PSTN lines compliance would be available)
  • Protects investment in legacy telecommunications equipment and allows a controlled migration to IP
  • Developed and tested in FIBERME lab and optimized for use in an Enterprise environment Ideally suited for Enterprise Unified Messaging
  • Support for IP load balancing and IP fault tolerance Allows the ability for inbound (TDM-to-IP) calls to round-robin between available media servers
  • Supports configuration via serial, telnet, and a web browser including context-sensitive help Easy to install, configure, debug, and maintain



Analog Ports



Network Ports

2* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet LAN port

Voice Protocols

TLS/SRTP, SIP V2.0 (RFC 3261,3262,3264), ARP/RARP (RFC 826/903), SNTP (RFC 2030)

DHCP/PPPoE, RTP/RTCP for delivery of voice

FoIP Protocols

T.38 FoIP : transcode fax from T.30, fax protocol(supporting, V.17)modulation, schemes, to

T.38 for transmission over a packet network

Voice Support

G.711 μ-Law and A-Law, G.723.1, G.729AB, Silence suppression with comfort noise, G.168 automatic echo cancellation, Call Progress Analysis (CPA), including Positive Voice Detection, Positive, Answering Machine Detection (PAMD), DTMF detection, and fax tone, detection, Comfort Noise Generation(CNG), DTMF mode: Signal/RFC2833/INBAND

Quality of Service

Type of Service (ToS), IP precedence

Configuration and Management

Web UI for instant management and status monitoring


Operating temperature range : 0°C to +45°C,8-90% relative humidity non-condensing Storage temperature range : -20°C to +85°C,8-90% relative humidity non-condensing


FCC: Part 15 Class B;

CE: EN 55032; EN 55035; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; EN 62368-1; RCM: AS/NZS CISPR32; AS/NZS 62368.1; AS/CA S004;

IC: ICES-003; CS-03;


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