SMART Board GX165-V2 65” 4K Interactive Flat Panel

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SMART Board GX165-V2 65” 4K Interactive Display for Education with SMART Notebook®, Advanced Infrared 20 Point Multi Touch, and Built-in Android™ OS

The SMART Board GX165-V2 Interactive Display offers an interactive essentials pathway for a great price, backed by the best innovations from SMART’s 35 years in the classroom. SMART GX165-V2 65” 4K Interactive Display brings reliable interactivity to your classroom from the makers of the original SMART Board® interactive whiteboard. It combines the creative power of SMART Notebook® with multitouch interaction and SMART Ink® – plus an embedded Android system – to deliver rich and engaging learning experiences.

Bring reliable interactivity to your classroom – Touch Designed For Learning

With 20 points of interaction, teachers and students can interact and collaborate with ease. Object awareness™ means pens write, fingers move, and palms erase, so teachers can focus on teachable moments with no technology distractions.

SMART Ink – Flexibly annotate over anything

SMART’s best-in-class persistent ink tools for both Windows AND Mac easily add digital ink and presentation tools to the files and applications your teachers already know and use – without freezing the screen or blocking navigation with an overlay.

Free with your SMART Board – SMART Notebook

Award-winning desktop software for creating engaging learning experiences with your SMART Board – no subscription required. With SMART Notebook, delivering exciting, engaging lessons has never been easier.

Screen mirroring – Integrate Student Devices With Ease

Let students share ideas and class work from connected student devices using app-based screen sharing. Teachers can guide learning with touchback to Windows and Mac computers.

Embedded Android Computing – No computer needed

Walk up and teach. Browse the web, and use the whiteboard, apps and widgets to increase student engagement. Access your documents with cloud storage, use WPS office and more. All on an embedded platform with the power and security of Android.

BYOD device support with USB-C – Windows, Mac, Chrome and more

Interoperability with leading operating systems and front-facing connection ports makes it easy for students and teachers to connect, interact and share.

USB-C supports video, touch and audio easy connectivity with only one cord.

Use SMART Ink with Windows & Mac, or write over any other input and capture your work with the built-in Android ink overlay app.

Essential Teaching Tools

The SMART Board GX includes award-winning software at no additional cost and with no subscription required, enabling teachers to create, edit, and deliver lessons optimized for SMART Board interactive displays. SMART Ink Annotation Software | Built-In Whiteboard | SMART Notebook

Your established technology partner – Supporting your implementation

Minimize downtime and avoid additional costs. SMART GX series includes SMART’s limited equipment warranty, providing reliable warranty and support benefits.

Included: Real-time technical support, Customer support teams around the globe, Advanced replacement, and 2-way shipping

SMART Exchange – Free Resource Library for Teachers

Free with every SMART Board display: access to thousands of games, activities and teacher-created lesson plans through SMART Exchange®, searchable by subject, grade, and education standards.

Feel Confident About Your EdTech Investment

Remotely Administer Your Technology

Add SMART Remote Management to your implementation for even easier administration of your technology: push updates, run diagnostics, maintain, control, and secure SMART Board displays and other devices from any web browser.

Quality That Makes the Grade

SMART Board displays meet world-leading standards for product safety, warranty coverage, environmental compliance, and regulatory and interoperability standards, using third-party testing, verification, and certificates.

Proven Corporate and Environmental responsibility

SMART continuously improves environmental sustainability through responsible corporate commitments and sustainable product design. Our interactive displays are designed to minimize power consumption for lower carbon emissions.


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